Domestic Customers

Looking for something special in your roof; that ultimately pristine finish or maybe high-tech solar tiling?

Yes? Then look no further than the specialists here at Edgeline Metal Roofing Limited. We provide the expertise, services and products to realise any residential roofing concept across Ireland.From helping save the planet to making ultimate aesthetic design statements, we enjoy working with homeowners who expect that little bit more than a shelter from the rain. Working alongside architects, designers and homeowners, we help create truly stunning roofs with an all-inclusive design to finish service.

Home Roofing Services

Indeed, our comprehensive range of home metal roofing services includes:

  • High end roofing conversions
  • Invisible solar tile system installations
  • Guttering, cladding fascia and soffit systems
  • New builds, refurbishments and renovations
  • Full design and architects support
  • Superb advice, liaison and customer service

Provide Energy

Some of the technology coming into the market creates really interesting ways of making your roof work for you, with solar energy collection a whole new spin on the rainwater collection concept. The new Solar Thermie tiles can provide hot water and heating energy like any other solar panel, but the beauty of them is that they look identical to normal roof tiles.

This means that you can part or fully cover your roof with solar collectors without people realising or noticing a difference. We guarantee the widest range of possibilities at the highest quality.

Over A Decade of Experience

Over 25 years of experience, one highly skilled team, the latest innovative products and a background in everything from vast commercial metal roofs to bespoke architectural creations means that we can guarantee all our customers a market leading experience that exceeds their expectations.

Whatever your bespoke residential roofing needs; speak to the experts at Edgeline Metal Roofing Limited. Contact us today and we can arrange a free no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly and experienced team.